Secure Print Solutions

DSS Secure Print Solutions protect documents from counterfeiters around the world. If your documents, packages, labels, or cards are threatened by counterfeiters, our patented technologies lead the way. Our Technologies require no special inks, and can be printed with Offset, Flexo, Gravure, and Digital print processes.

Let us know your issue and our anti-counterfeit experts will recommend the right solution, at a cost effective price.

Pantograph 4000™

DSS Pantograph 4000™ is the base layer of security to any important document, label, package or card that is at risk of being counterfeited or altered using a desktop scanner or copier. This easy to integrate deterrent technology is the latest generation void pantograph technology and is the most effective on the widest range of copiers and desktop scanners.

Warning words/images are hidden in document background (ie: “VOID”)
Words/images are revealed on copies and scans
Distorts & obscures original artwork (ie: logos, text, barcodes)
Updated for maximum efficacy against the latest copiers & scanners


DSS Block-Out™ is an additional layer of security on any important document, label, package or card that is at risk of being counterfeited on high-end color copiers. As part of a layered security printing solution, Block-Out is a graphical element that works against the office grade, digital color copiers to prevent copies made on these high quality machines.

Graphical element added to document
Prevents copies on most digital color copiers
Copies result in all black, all one color, or severely distorted pages


DSS VeriGlow™ allows for covert level authentication of identifications, documents and packaging. Under a UV light an area or shape will glow. With a UV light and the Authenticator lens a hidden image is revealed in the glowing area.

Copy/scan resistant - valid image only appears under UV light
Image Hides confidential information from naked eye, and even common UV light sources
Hidden words or images are only revealed using combination of authenticator lens under UV light source


DSS Phantom™ is a tip-to-view self authentication technology. Hidden words or images are embedded into a colored area, hidden from normal view. When viewed at an angle, the words or images appear in a vibrant color. These images are visible several feet away and the effect cannot be reproduced on copiers, scanners or using phography.

Copy/Scan and photographic resistant - valid images will only appear on the original
Vibrant colored images appear in all directions
Customizable Self Authentication
Change color upon object rotation

Barcode Barricade

DSS Barcode Barricade™ is the latest in barcode copy protection. Barcodes are extremely vulnerable to being copied or scanned and remaining perfectly functional. Barcode Barricade™ provides your original barcode with protection it never had. When copied or scanned the reproduced barcode will not be able to be read succesfully.

Protected barcodes read as well as they always have
Copies and scans produce some visible distortions to barcode which has reduced or eliminated ability to read copies and scans

AG Security Paper

Our paper products contain some of the most sophisticated anti-copy and forgery resistant technologies on the market today.

Whether it's one of our ready-to-ship selections, or a fully customized product that matches your company's exacting specifications, AG Security Paper will provide affordable and reliable security against the problems associated with counterfeiting, forgery, alteration and other forms of document fraud.

Acts/Performs as normal paper
Reveals hidden messages when copied or scanned
Contains several authenticators

Visit our Packaging and Plastics divisions to see how they are implementing these technologies and providing even more options that can be custom tailored to solutions just for you!