Packaging Security

At the core of Premier’s offering for packaging & label security is DSS’s AuthentiGuard™ technology.  This tool allows users to authenticate and track products with the use of a smart phone or tablet.  AuthentiGuard™ provides Product Authentication, Counterfeit & Diversion Control, and Marketing Enhancements – All in one device.  All in the palm of your hand.

How It Works:

The AuthentiGuard™ team creates and customizes the marks for placement on your product’s packaging.  These marks are embedded during the pre-press stage and printed using normal printing processes (offset, flexo and digital).  The marks’ embedded codes are not seen by the naked eye but trigger the recording of various amounts of information (ie: origin, destination, expiration and serial number) while providing real-time status of validity.  Investigators in the field can read your product’s Mark with their authorized smart phone and quickly determine a product’s authenticity.  The AuthentiGuard™ application has real-time reading of GPS location built in - reporting diverted goods.  Since the marks are created using DSS patented Prism technology, copied or scanned marks on counterfeit product will read as invalid with the AuthentiGuard™ application.


  • True 2-factor authentication
  • Secure tie-in to serialization and codes
  • Counterfeit resistant Prism AuthentiMarks
  • Reads 2D, alpha or linear codes
  • Marketing enhancements – consumer engagement, one-to-one communication and more!
  • The AuthentiGuard Portal provides ease of project management and extensive real-time reporting capabilities
  • Customizable to Brand Owner’s needs.

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Security Printing.

Control, Deter & Prevent Document Fraud.

A disturbing and growing trend in today’s market place is the proliferation of counterfeit and altered documents. From negotiable documents like currency, checks and high value coupons to identification documents like birth certificates, car registrations, transcripts, and drivers’ licenses we are all impacted by this type of fraud. Premier has market-leading solutions in document security and anti-counterfeiting measures to help our customers combat this trend.

As the Security Printing Division for DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.) Premier has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and tested portfolio of security technologies to leverage against document fraud. We have many options from our stock security paper to customizing a layered design for your security application.