Coupon Security

The closest thing you have to currency is your consumer coupons - Protect them well.

Coupons are among the most effective ways for you to attract new customers, build customer preference, and drive revenue.  They have a broad appeal around the world because they offer the straightforward incentive of savings to the consumer, and a promise of brand growth to the manufacturer.

They’re also a popular target for counterfeiters, many of whom use desktop scanners or copiers to misuse your brand.

To help you realize more benefits and fewer risks, DSS & Premier offer three key cutting-edge tools within our security technology portfolio, designed to defend against today’s sophisticated counterfeiters.  Each of these technologies lets your brand shine through in your original coupons. In fact, each works with standard printing inks, and can be layered virtually seamlessly into your artwork.  All while protecting your brand.

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