Packaging Engineering

Our award-winning structural designers are renowned for innovation and are consistently developing cutting edge designs and dynamic structures for paperboard packaging.  Marketers and brand managers look to us to develop something unique, with the understanding that a box is not just a box - it’s a billboard for selling a product and demonstrating product benefits.

Our packaging designers start by evaluating brand objectives and strategies, as well as factoring in retail requirements.  We evaluate all other aspects of your packaging needs including the vulnerability factor of products in transit, speed of assembly and packing, stacking strength requirements, presentation and promotion variables, and your budget.  Once all of these parameters are understood, our structural design engineers work to develop economic yet innovative solutions.

Packaging Solutions that work:

  1. Package Prototypes
  2. Package Improvements
  3. Creative Ideas Leveraged Between Market Verticals
  4. In-House Design Team
  5. Sample Creation
  6. Pack & Ship Testing