We harmonize packaging and supply chain strategy

...to deliver worry free results

Consumer Products (CPG)

Premier Packaging provides a wide range of folding cartons that can be designed to fit nearly any shipping, display or merchandising need.  Our design department will develop a packaging solution that’s fits both your marketing & brand goals as well as your budget.

Combined with paperboard sleeves, and trays, folding cartons are part of a total consumer product packaging solution.  We help you maximize your brand visibility and differentiate you from your competitors through unique packaging solutions.

Think outside the box!

We harmonize packaging and supply chain strategy to deliver worry free results.  As consumer behavior continues to shift, lead times diminish and marketing programs change frequently, you need a supplier that’s agile and capable of responding to those shifts in market dynamics.  We worry about your packaging so you don’t have too!

Premier’s Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMIP) provide the consumer products market with the benefits of vendor managed supply, management of seasonal demand and dedicated account management.  We will visit your plant sites, meet with your staff and learn how your organization operates, then develop a custom vendor managed program designed specifically to meet your supply needs.  We will help you achieve both packaging inventory optimization and offer opportunities for continuous improvement, cost reduction and best practices.


  1. Healthcare Packaging
  2. Personal Care Packaging
  3. OTC Pharmaceutical Packaging
  4. Hotel Amenities Packaging
  5. Electronics Packaging
  6. Food & Beverage Packaging

Competitive Advantages:

  1. Turnkey Solutions
    1. Carton Production
    2. Inventory Management
  2. Promotional Expertise
    1. Fast Turnaround of Comps
    2. Cartons and Displays
  3. In-House Creative Design Team
  4. Color Accuracy (Spectrophotometry)