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DSS Brand Protection Webinars

On-Demand Webinars
"Active and Intelligent Packaging - What it means for your brand"
As a brand packaging expert, you are constantly challenged to provide packaging that engages the consumer, makes them grab it off the shelves! You have tried all the new print techniques, the flashy colors, the smiling faces, the education piece.

"AuthentiGuard as a Service - Authentication as easy as 1-2-3"
If your brand is looking for a system that protects your packaging, engages your consumer, is a very short and simple onboarding process, and does it all very cost effectively, then join us to learn the 3 things you need to do.

"AGConnectedID bringing ID's to life"
Introducing DSS's new AGConnected ID Product – Learn how it works in our informational webinar. Enter the world of Digital connected ID’s

"V-Checc Opening up America"
DSS, HID, 1Kosmos, and General Dynamics IT introduce the V-Checc system. Designed to Open up America – Safely, Securely and Quickly.

"March along with Sentinel – Protect, Track and Engage your product"
Introducing DSS's new Sentinel Product, a syndicated product to protect, track and engage. The Sentinel label product comes with DSS's patented AuthentiGuard markings, Serialized QR Codes, And the Sentinel app. Simple to order, Simple to use, Simple to place on your product. March along with Sentinel and keep your products in order! Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more.

"Selling your Titles on Amazon? How you can prevent Counterfeiting of your Book/Journal"
Publishers, authors, and printers selling your Books/Journals online via Amazon or other online portal. DSS Secure Print technology experts will provide resources and support to help prevent counterfeit sales of Your titles. Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more.

"Are You a Printer/Packager? : Learn How to Add Value and Increase Revenue Using DSS Security Features"
Printer & Packagers, come join our webinar and learn more about the DSS Certified Printer Program (“CPP”). As a CPP member, DSS will provide you with the resources and support to introduce DSS anti-counterfeiting technologies to new and existing printing and packaging customers that have indicated an interest in protecting their products from security issues such as counterfeiting and product diversion.

"Solving Your Brand’s Grey Market and Counterfeit Issues on Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart – What You Need to Know"
Join us as DSS and Market Defense, LLC executives uncover the destructive activity of the online grey market and counterfeiters within e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba & Walmart. Discover available solutions to help protect your brand’s reputation and it’s online business from unauthorized sellers, retail arbitrage, product diversion and MAP violations.

"Secure, Smart & Fun Technologies to Protect Your Brand"
Professionals from DSS and Zappar discuss brand protection & anti-counterfeiting solutions, as well as how the integration of authentication and augmented reality technologies can deliver safer and superior retail experiences.

About DSS

Document Security Systems, Inc. ("DSS") is an industry leader in providing dynamic solutions to protect corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly counterfeiting and fraud.  DSS' innovative anti-counterfeit, authentication, and brand protection solutions are deployed to prevent attacks which threaten products, digital presence, financial instruments, and identification.

AuthentiGuard, the Company's flagship product, provides authentication capability through a smartphone application so businesses can empower a wide range of employees, supply chain personnel, and consumers to track their brands and verify authenticity.