Document Security Systems has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advanced proprietary technologies. These help to ensure the authenticity of financial instruments, identification documents, and sensitive publications and brand packaging. There are widespread applications for our technologies within the public and private sectors including:


Security Spending Growing To Meet Threats

The continuing challenge presented by counterfeiting and forgery create an enormous market for Document Security Systems. For example, The 10 billion dollar U.S. label industry is a prime target for DSSI technologies due to the continuing increases in fake products and counterfeit labeling. Fortune 500 companies have reported that they spend an average of between $2 - $4 million per year to combat counterfeiting. Some have reported spending up to $10 million annually.

Counterfeiting Challenges Present Major Opportunities Worldwide

  • It is estimated that today between 5 to 7 percent of all world trade is in counterfeit goods – a total annual value exceeding $600 billion. (Source: World Customs Organization and Interpol, 2005)
  • According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), automobile manufacturers are losing $12 billion annually, and the equivalent of 210,000 jobs, to counterfeit parts.
  • The Business Software Alliance (BSA) estimated that pirated software cost its industry nearly $34 billion globally 2005. (Source: The Business Software Alliance, 2006)
  • Government documents fraud played a part in 17,192 cases of identity theft reported in 2003, up 4,246 cases from the previous year, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which tracks identity theft. Terrorists and organized crime are major players in the counterfeiting of ID documents and brand packaging.

Proven Performance Gives Advantage

Document Security Systems. has technology that has proven highly effective on all digital scanning, copying and photographic reproduction processes. One application: preventing the counterfeiting of the over 37 billion checks that are printed every year. Another Document Security Systems. technology-Survivor 21-can provide authentication for Check 21 scanned images.

Safety Paper Offers Steady Cash Flow

Another source of growing revenue for the company is our proprietary Safety Paper. The paper-embedded with hidden messages-prevents unauthorized reproduction and opens up domestic and foreign markets for cut sheet, on-demand use by millions of companies both large and small. Boise Paper Solutions has signed an agreement to market and distribute Document Security Systems' Safety Paper under the brand name Boise BEWARE™ Security Papers. Read the press release.

Distribution Strategy Accelerates Growth

Document Security Systems. has embarked on an aggressive strategy to develop partnerships and channels of distribution with security firms and consultants, scanning software and on-demand printing hardware manufacturers, printers and publishers of sensitive documents.

Experienced Leadership

Our senior management team includes executives with extensive experience in security printing and security technology development.

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